Post-Brexit advice when entering the UK


All nationals of the European Union will not need a visa for tourist trips to the UK of short duration (less than six months). People making short business trips will also be exempt from visa requirements in the UK (simple professional visits, training, conferences, seminars, etc.).

Visa guidelines: Important Information for Vipassana Meditators entering the UK

Health insurance

In order to access emergency care in the UK, all those coming from the mainland to the UK will need one of the following: a valid EHIC card, or the new GHIC card, or a provisional replacement certificate (PRC).
Visitors from Norway can access medically necessary healthcare using a valid Norwegian passport.
From 1 January 2021, most visitors from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland may need to pay for NHS healthcare.

Travel document

Until 1 October 2021, it will still be possible to enter UK territory with a valid identity card or passport. After this date, the identity card will no longer be sufficient to cross the Channel and you will need to have a passport.

Please use the check-list on this link to find out the rules that will apply to your specific situation.